Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wonder Woman TV: Chloroform

It was the Fausta episode of the Wonder Woman TV series that got me into superheroine peril. To this day, there is no scene put to film that can rival this sequence.

There's something about a chloroform subdual that is very appealing. First there is Wondy's initial shock as her captor drags her down and covers her face with the soft, chemical soaked cloth. She tries to fight back, but to no avail as the chemicals finish her off (moaning and breathing deep the entire time).

Finally she gasps, "yesss", as her captor finishes her off. The most powerful heroine in the world, reduced to a mewling, moaning mess with a simple chemical and rag.

In the TV series, this occurred a few times. However, it never occurred in any of the comics from the 70s onward which is a shame. I would have loved have seen a chloroform sequence drawn by Gene Colan or George Perez...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wonder Woman Lesbian Kiss and Peril

 This gem comes from Superman and Wonder Woman, Whom Gods Destroy #3. Its a Elseworlds tale where Lois Lane becomes Wonder Woman (strange, I know). For some reason Wonder Woman is always barefoot (probably to satisfy all of us WW fetish fans out there). The book starts with a great peril shot of WW getting thrown around.

Then we are treated to a shot of Wondy barefoot on the ground, looking delicious. Then Artemis decides to salute our new heroine...

...with a steamy,  white hot (literally) girl on girl kiss. Now there's a lot of fan art of Wonder Woman kissing other heroines, but for there to be a actual DC comic where Wondy is making out with another woman? Priceless!

WW then goes on to battle Nazi WW (still barefoot). Punches are thrown...

...and hair is pulled. The issue ends with Wonder Woman on her knees and is there any other place where we want her to be?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Wonder Woman Hentai

 Now here's a scene that I stumbled upon a while back (I believe it's issue #140 volume 2). It begins with Wonder Woman lying down for some sleep and it ends with our sexy heroine getting completely violated by a supernatural being.

Oblivion steps into her room quietly and studies our princess. He wishes to give her the curse of guilt and self-doubt. So he unleashes a tentacle like ooze....he opens it and "strokes it...sets it to act on its' deepest desires". It's like a scene out of tentacle porn, starring our star-spangled heroine.

Soon this hentai ooze drives the breath out of her and begins "invading her mouth, her throat". Her facial expression here is wonderful, we can see and almost feel her gagging as the ooze pushes itself past her velvety lips.

Eventually the ooze encompasses her whole body "filling her with a strange,  liquid darkness". This last pose is great, her head tilted up as if she was giving oral, her body lifted off the bed as the ooze fills her up. This whole scene is almost a metaphor for sex. I'm surprised that it was published....its a great scene!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wonder Woman Bondage: Chained up in the Breeding Stables

 Now here's one of the best bondage scenes in the series. I remember flipping through this issue in the comic store and immediately picking it up. Simply incredible. It starts off with Wonder Woman battling the Bana-Mighdall Amazons. After defeating them, all it takes are a few lies and a poison dart to completely defeat our lovely princess.

She then wakes up within the confines of the Bana-Mighdall's breeding stables, still feeling the effects of the poison in her veins. Unable to walk, Wonder Woman is met by the Bana-Mighdall's high priestess who proceeds to nonchalantly throw a rock at her lovely face.

I love this scene. Here's the truly amazing Wonder Woman (who is beautiful, strong, a princess) being treated like the lowest of slaves. The Priestess knows who she is, but could care less as she flings that rock aside Wonder Woman's head. Diana's anguish is palpable, her humiliation complete.

We then find our Amazon princess drugged, chained, lying in the mud, surrounded by male prisoners (who are also bound). She calls out to her Gods while the male slaves watch her perfect body writhe on the stable floor, begging her Gods for assistance. I can only imagine those slaves straining themselves just to touch her star-spangled body, desperately hoping to breed with the Amazing Amazon.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wonder Woman Peril: Classic Covers

A few weeks after getting my first Wonder Woman comic, I found myself wanting more. I found out that there was a comic book store in my neighborhood (called Mike's Comic Hut) and made my way there.

Flipping through Wonder Woman back issues, one immediately caught my eye. Issue#236. The cover featured a incredibly sexy scene that was amazingly designed and remains one of the most gorgeous covers to date.

Your eyes first start at the logo. As you move down to the "vs Armageddon" text, there she is. Her body provocatively arched (after being blasted in the back) in order to have her gorgeous breasts stand out.

Not to mention her lovely facial expression. Eyes closed (with perfect eyelashes), her mouth frozen in a O shape (sporting luscious lips) can almost hear her moan as every nerve in her body explodes as her opponent takes her from behind.

I consider this the best WW peril cover so far. It's the perfect example of how sexy peril should be done. Every element comes together to deliver the perfect cover!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Seduction of the Innocent (my first Wonder Woman peril)

When I was very young, my first exposure to Wonder Woman peril came via the Lynda Carter television show. Through the magic of TV, I was introduced to a beautiful and sexy woman (in a gorgeous costume) being chloroformed or tied up every other week. Needless to say I was hooked.

Collecting my spare change, I visited my local stationary shop and picked up issue #294 (my first WW comic) which featured the Blockbuster. Within the pages of this issue, Blockbuster manhandles Wonder Woman.  She gets flung about, karate chopped and smacked around like a rag doll. Finally, with Blockbuster's last strike, Wonder Woman moans (almost suggestively) and falls to her knees.

Looking back at this scene years later, it's almost as if the writer intentionally paced this fight as if it were a adult film. Wonder Woman's beatdown starts slowly, builds and comes to a raging climax(complete with her letting out a primal grunt). She then falls to her knees, exhausted.
So I wonder, was Fredric Wertham right? Years later, I still love scenes like this. I'm not condemning comics and I hate it when people complain that a superheroine is "too sexy". I feel there's nothing wrong with that. We're human beings and we are attracted to different things. Superheroines can be heroic or they can play to our fantasies and to me, that's what makes them exciting!